Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rainy Tuesday thoughts

I'm not adverse to getting out in my garden in a bit of light rain but let's just say I'm not a duck! As long as we don't get rain non-stop for a week, some soft rain is welcomed by our gardens. I believe there's more prana in the rain than in city water, plus there's no chlorine. For those of you who haven't top dressed your planting beds with bark mulch, now is an excellent time for such a job. Mulching helps prevent water evaporation and weed growth plus it can improve the appearance of your beds. In general, match the size of the bark mulch to the size of the plants in your bed. For annuals, perennials and small shrubs, micro bark is best. For medium-sized shrubs and larger perennials, plus large open beds, fine bark (a medium grade). For trees and large shrubs, consider using medium bark. We all need to conserve water.
Many of us are in a planting frenzy right now. One tip: don't forget to take note of where you are locating plants, especially bulbs and deciduous perennials. And don't forget to save your plant ID tags. We get a lot of people coming into our Ace nursery doing their best to describe a plant in their garden they want to add more of. Identifying plants this way can be an adventure. Saving the ID tags means you have the genus and species of the plant and, sometimes more importantly, the specific variety.
What's newly in bloom in your garden? I've got breadseed poppies beginning to bloom, plus bearded iris, Dutch iris varieties, the first of my spring annuals (Baby Blue Eyes, gilia, larkspur) and a couple of lovely shrubs -- a dwarf syringa and verticordia plumosa. Even my fuchsia boliviana 'alba' is contributing its first pendulous flowers. Ahh, spring!

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