Monday, June 22, 2009

Plant of the Month

As hard as it is to choose just one plant per month to talk about on this blog, that's all that time allows. With over 500 species/varieties of plants in my garden it's rather like drawing a name out of a hat. So I'm going with a plant that's in bloom now, Sanguisorbia menziesii, better known to some as Burnet. This species of the N. American rhizomatous perennial (native to Alaska) is highly prized for its distinctive flowers, ovoid spikes that appear as solid, maroon-red 'batons' then gradually open to create intriguing, fuzzy blooms that almost resemble miniature bottlebrush flowers. It complements those blooms with round, finely toothed bluish-green leaves. The flower stalks rise above the foliage and to some look like little red fox tails held high. Charming and easy to grow!
There is so much in bloom in the garden these days, especially now that the sun has finally decided to shine. Lots of lilies blooming, with more to come. Alstromerias are all over my garden, attempting a colorful takeover. Anise hyssop is in full bloom, its wonderful fragrance only a fingers rub away. A late planted Clarkia amoena is offering its first beautiful salmon-colored flowers. A newly planted Lotus 'Amazon Sunset' is already in bloom and sending its ferny foliage spilling over the planter. My camera is getting a good workout, trying to keep up!

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