Friday, June 5, 2009

Wherefore summer?

It's been an odd year for weather and I'm sure your garden has been a little confused, as has mine. I've had an unintended absence from this site due to a long cold and then my computer crashing but hope to resume with regular posts. It feels like the same holds true for my garden, where I've only been able to manage the minimum. We're in that passage now between spring and summer. Time to take out the last of the sweet peas and poppies. I've let certain patches of pansies hang around as they've been continuing to perform in our cooler than usual weather but they're nearly done. So, now summer flowers are beginning to announce themselves. A few of my dahlias are up, with an early one getting ready to bloom. Day lilies are kicking into gear and the lilies are about ready to burst into color. My native agastache has tiny tufts of reddish-purple flowers nestled in the crowns of leaves and my exquisite hymenocallis sulphurea has shown its first green striped gold lily-shaped bloom.
I'll be back with more photos and a featured flower in the next few days. And of course you can catch my regular Pick of the Week column in the S.F. Chronicle Sunday H&G section.

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