Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More July Photos

Here are more photos from my garden. From top to bottom, left to right:
Top: Impatiens glandulifera. A real showy species impatiens with large red flowers!
Degarmoara 'White Fairy' orchid. Prolific and a reliable yearly bloomer.
Line 2 Jade sunflower. Who doesn't like green flowers?
Salvia sclarea. The bracts on this unusual are so lovely and here so ephemeral.
Line 3 Aptenia Red Apple variegata. One of the most beautiful ground covers.
Cosmos sulfureus. Love how the lighting shows off the rich oranges.
Line 4 Cestrum aurantiacum. Blooming its heart out with gold, star-shaped flowers.
Lilium regale. One of the largest of all lilies, one of the prettiest plus it's fragrant.
Line 5 Yellow 'Tiger' lily. Everyone knows the orange tigers; the yellow one is just as pretty.
'Black Dragon' oriental lily. Very fragrant and quite elegant.
Line 6 Agastache foeniculum with local bumble bee. Bees of all kinds love this agastache.
Alstromeria. You can never have too many varieties of the Peruvian lily in your garden.
Line 7 Clarkia amoena. This clarkia went crazy, just bursting with salmon-colored blooms.
Cichory. Not many people realize this herb has the most beautiful robin's egg blue blooms.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Garden Photos!

Here are some recent photos from my garden. More to follow. There are stories with many of these but like vacation photos one has to be careful not to indulge readers with the proverbial "Here we are on the island of ..." I will say that my new dslr camera has meant I get to first enjoy the flowers live in my garden then a second time displayed on the computer, where in some cases there's a kind of hyper-realism to the images. You almost think "Wow, is that even the same flower?" Okay, here are the flowers, listed left to right.
Top: Wahlenbergia -- a very pretty, campanula-like flower, long blooming
Stokesia -- I did a column on this showy blue perennial, an old cottage garden favorite
2nd line: Double Azalea Apricot snap -- a wonderful, large and prolific Annie's Annual variety
Fuchsia boliviana alba -- Just a gorgeous flower on this tall fuchsia. Wow!
Torenia -- this new purple and gold torenia is just so captivating, and prolific
3rd line: Fanfare gaillardia -- this is the variety with the little trumpet-shaped florets. Love it!
Agastache foeniculum -- this anise-scented annual is a bee magnet. They swarm it.
Rudbeckia Green Wizard -- An unusual variety with an especially large chocolate cone
4th line: Double petunia -- Proving that even common plants can really pack a visual punch!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Here

Or is it Spring, I'm not sure? Yes, the weather continues to play havoc with our gardens, no question. I keep a garden journal and noted that my billbergia (bromeliad) was blooming at the end of June! Normally it blooms in March. Then again it was 90 degrees the last two days and my late planted sunflowers are shooting up, with the lovely pale green Jade variety already with its first flower. Some plants are clearly confused. My Mexican Hat (Ratibida) started blooming in February and hasn't stopped. Lilies are one of the shows this time of year and mine have not disappointed. My Asiatic lilies were so fragrant and I'm waiting on a new lily called (appropriately for this golf fan) Tiger Woods to open. Speaking of tigers, my yellow tiger lilies have already opened with the orange ones soon to come. The garden is really exploding with color now, with several varieties of alstromeria in bloom, my Marmalade bush going crazy, my lotus sending out a waterfall of ferny foliage and new masses of those red parrot's beaks. And the vines, not messed up by the cool spring that's before their time, are starting to bloom. Star and pink jasmines, passion flower vines (especially my charming and very prolific yellow citrina), an orange and multi-colored thunbergia, the latter having taken over a west-facing wall and the unique snail vine, with its lovely lavender snail-shaped flowers. Even the ampelopsis has put out clusters of tiny white flowers, with the real payoff, those electric blue berries, still to come.
I have been on a bit of a fuchsia kick lately, with my favorite still being the unique Rose Quartet variety. Only pictures will do it justice so will post one shortly.
I find that summer is one of those rare times of rest for garden work. I've planted all the main spring stuff; I've then yanked out the spring annuals and replaced them with either summer annuals (petunias, phlox, snaps etc) or planted a few more perennials. I've done the majority of the weeding that winter and early spring produced; it's not yet time for fall projects. It's mostly the week to week upkeep and enjoying everything that's blooming. Which in my diverse, nursery-like garden, is quite a lot. Hope everyone else is in such a similarly enjoyable phase of rest. Then again, I always feel that whenever I have the impulse to tackle an area of my garden that needs work, I best do it while I have that inclination.
So stay tuned for a healthy posting of photos from the late spring/early summer blooming!
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