Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More July Photos

Here are more photos from my garden. From top to bottom, left to right:
Top: Impatiens glandulifera. A real showy species impatiens with large red flowers!
Degarmoara 'White Fairy' orchid. Prolific and a reliable yearly bloomer.
Line 2 Jade sunflower. Who doesn't like green flowers?
Salvia sclarea. The bracts on this unusual are so lovely and here so ephemeral.
Line 3 Aptenia Red Apple variegata. One of the most beautiful ground covers.
Cosmos sulfureus. Love how the lighting shows off the rich oranges.
Line 4 Cestrum aurantiacum. Blooming its heart out with gold, star-shaped flowers.
Lilium regale. One of the largest of all lilies, one of the prettiest plus it's fragrant.
Line 5 Yellow 'Tiger' lily. Everyone knows the orange tigers; the yellow one is just as pretty.
'Black Dragon' oriental lily. Very fragrant and quite elegant.
Line 6 Agastache foeniculum with local bumble bee. Bees of all kinds love this agastache.
Alstromeria. You can never have too many varieties of the Peruvian lily in your garden.
Line 7 Clarkia amoena. This clarkia went crazy, just bursting with salmon-colored blooms.
Cichory. Not many people realize this herb has the most beautiful robin's egg blue blooms.

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