Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Garden Photos!

Here are some recent photos from my garden. More to follow. There are stories with many of these but like vacation photos one has to be careful not to indulge readers with the proverbial "Here we are on the island of ..." I will say that my new dslr camera has meant I get to first enjoy the flowers live in my garden then a second time displayed on the computer, where in some cases there's a kind of hyper-realism to the images. You almost think "Wow, is that even the same flower?" Okay, here are the flowers, listed left to right.
Top: Wahlenbergia -- a very pretty, campanula-like flower, long blooming
Stokesia -- I did a column on this showy blue perennial, an old cottage garden favorite
2nd line: Double Azalea Apricot snap -- a wonderful, large and prolific Annie's Annual variety
Fuchsia boliviana alba -- Just a gorgeous flower on this tall fuchsia. Wow!
Torenia -- this new purple and gold torenia is just so captivating, and prolific
3rd line: Fanfare gaillardia -- this is the variety with the little trumpet-shaped florets. Love it!
Agastache foeniculum -- this anise-scented annual is a bee magnet. They swarm it.
Rudbeckia Green Wizard -- An unusual variety with an especially large chocolate cone
4th line: Double petunia -- Proving that even common plants can really pack a visual punch!

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