Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall photos

As we tumble and stumble into Fall, in a season when our gardens aren't sure if it's spring, summer or fall, here's a few photos of recent or continuing flowerings. As I've mentioned, my garden features a diverse collection of plants -- some natives, many Bay Friendly plants but also some that push the envelope. A few of the latter are shown here: the tropical loveliness of Crossandra, with its creamy orange flowers and the weird, malodorous but fascinating flowers of aristolochia grandiflora. One nice surprise is the Ptilotus (or Joey) that has produced long lasting furry flowers and keeps on blooming. We're in the beginning of the vine season and one of my favorites is shown here, the simple but charming Asarina 'Sky Blue.' Also we have the fall Helenium 'Red Shades,' the fragrant Salvia clevelandii, a striking orange canna and one of my favorite fuchsias, F. 'Autumnale,' with its fiery red and gold foliage.

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