Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Photos to tease & please

Here are some early spring flowers, some common, some harder to find. Though it's the second of March, the mild weather and rain is encouraging early blooms.
Top left: Helleborus 'Mardi Gras' (looking exquisite unfurled)
Top right: Red gladiola, also in bud form. mere hours before opening
2nd line left: Tulipa Sylvestris (did someone say yellow?)
2nd line right: Romulea monadelpha (the only response is wow!)
3rd line left: Oxalis vulcanicola (calling Spock)
3rd line center: Ribes sanguineum (spicy fragrance)
3rd line right: Pandorea pandorana (blooming like there's no tomorrow)
4th line left: Kennedia nigrans (for all you black lovers out there)
4th line right: Echeveria subrigida (one of the loveliest succulents ever)
Bottom line: Finally two common plants, a little forest of violas on the left and a "meadow" of Ipheion flowers on the right.

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