Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Photos

More spring photos, a variety of bulbs, perennials and the first of the bearded iris.
Top line: Fremontadendron. Almost as old as the dinosaurs!
2nd line left: Jungle Princess bearded iris. Fabulously rich colors.
2nd line right: Coral Chalice bearded iris. Subtle.
3rd line left: Edith Wolford bearded iris. Yellow & blue, a classic combo.
3rd line right: Campanula punctata. One of my favorite campanulas.
4th line left: Helleborus bicolor. Loved the back lighting on this shot.
4th line right: Clianthus. Parrot's Claw flowers.
5th line left: Daffodil double form. Straight off a painter's canvass.
5th line right: Halimiocistus 'Merrist Wood Cream'. My favorite tough ground cover.
Bottom line left: Nicotiana hybrid. A great little performer!
Bottom line right: S. African gladiolus. Not sure which one but love the speckled pattern.

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