Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We'll always have Paris ...

Well, for those of us lucky to have been there (I've been twice). For those not having had that singular pleasure, please DO go to the Impressionists show at the deYoung museum. A once in a lifetime opportunity to see masterworks that rarely ever leave the Musee D'Orsay. Speaking of works of art, we gardeners have the exquisite beauty of our flowers and occasionally a photograph will seem more like a painting than a mere photograph. I've only been lucky to capture a few of those moments but I keep photographing the flowers in my garden nonetheless. Here are a few more ...

Top left: Ornithogalum. I love this plant's otherworldly alabaster white charms.
Top right: Mimulus Mega. For those who love spots and color.
2nd line left: Crimson Feathers breadseed poppy. One word -- wow!
2nd line right: Nasturtium. Sometimes a common flower can be uncommonly beautiful.
3rd line left: Interpol bearded iris. A deep purple variety that's almost black when in bud.
3rd line right: Iris fulva 'Red Dazzler.' Aptly named indeed.
4th line left: Thalictrum sp. The close focus of this shot makes the petals seem to be floating in space.
4th line right: Phacelia viscida. One of my favorites, for its inky blues and intricate nectaries.
5th line left: Bird of Paradise. Who can pass up shooting this flower's bright oranges and silky blues.
5th line right: This Louisiana iris (Pastiche) has the loveliest pastel colors.
6th line left: Zerumbet ginger. Each leaf has slightly different markings. My own private jungle.
6th line right: Nigella 'Curiosity.' This one didn't kill the cat but charms humans alike.
Bottom line left: Scabiosa atropurpurea 'Black.' An Annie's favorite that keeps on ticking ...
Bottom line right: Another ornithogalum, this time the orange dubium species. As they would say in Brooklyn, "We've got yer orange right here!"

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