Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Great Green North

Greetings from Vancouver B.C. where the city seems at times more like one great park. Lots of little parks and certainly lots of people with gardens but also many, many streets lined with trees. It's a gardener's city, with lots of spring rains, summer sun, long days from May to September and plenty of inspiration from neighbors. Nurseries though are not quite as plentiful as in the Bay Area but there are enough to keep one's garden growing strong. And if there aren't flowers to bring in from your garden, there are no shortage of flower shops. Vegetable gardening is just as popular here in Vancouver; I've spotted many a garden growing tomatoes, beans, squashes and more. Not that there aren't plenty of places to buy fresh, and sometimes locally grown, produce. All in all a wonderful place to live -- and I did from '69 to '71 -- except for one small detail. The long gray/rainy winters. Alas! That of course only makes the city greener and cleaner so perhaps not too great a price to pay.
It's nice to have a break in tending my own garden and equally nice to get inspiration from other gardens. But then it will be nice to be back home and get reacquainted with my own little slice of paradise ...

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