Saturday, September 11, 2010

Garden Photos

Here are a few recent photos from my garden.
Top line: Selaginella tamariscina 'Snow Tip' This is a new, brighter club moss. Love it!
2nd line left: Brugmansia Charles Grimaldi. Taking over the walkway!
2nd line right: Red banana leaf. So architectural.
3rd line left: Mahonia lomariifolia. Normally a winter blooming shrub, this one didn't want to wait apparently.
3rd line right: One of the whiter tricyrtis varieties, a nice contrast to the purple ones.
4th line left: Scyphanthus elegans. My vote for unheralded plant of 2010. A charming little climber that looks like it might be a painting.
4th line right: Abutilon Tangerine. Such a rich color that just looking at it makes you feel like you need to go on a diet!
5th line left: King protea. Caught this as it was just past its peak of blooming, giving it a distinctive look.
5th line right: A cute little fringed dianthus.
6th line left: Lilium tigrinum splendens. One of my favorite Tiger lilies & it's prolific.
6th line right: Helenium 'Mardi Gras' The easiest, most prolific and one of the showiest of the heleniums. It's been in constant bloom since May.
Bottom line left: Ratibida 'Pulcherima' This Mexican Hat is nearly a year round bloomer for me.
Bottom line right: One of my oriental lilies, a late bloomer this year.

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