Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gardening New Year's Resolutions

Hard to believe that 2010 is history, though some like myself aren't unhappy about that. I'm hoping for a drier winter this year and an actual spring. And summer. And fall. None of which happened in 2010. So here are my gardening resolutions for 2010, with the caveat that I'm trying to be realistic (I could resolve to create such a fabulous garden that Sunset will come knocking to photograph it but that's not going to happen and really I don't want that kind of picture perfect garden anyway).
1. Get more plants out of pots and into the ground. Being a collector and having limited ground space makes for a constant challenge to find appropriate space for new acquisitions.
2. Finish my back yard tropical corner. Even the most diligent of us loses steam on a gardening project and the restoration of my back yard has taken longer than I imagined. The tropical corner is evidence of that, although in fairness to myself I had to sledgehammer out a LOT of concrete and cement that had once been poured in there before I could do any planting. At least I have several of the foundation plants located there -- a red banana and black bamboo, an hedychium, burgandy canna and nandina. There's room for one or two more larger plants and then I'll be into the understory plantings. The rest of the back yard is greatly improved, with the multi-colored gravel path restored, shade shrubs planted on both sides, my collection of rhodies that will be left in large decorative pots gathered nicely and the area cleaned up.
3. Dig out the area between the two front driveways. This will be a job as the front portion is filled with bearded iris. But I want to create a more intentional design scheme there, rather than the haphazard planting that occurred naturally. I'm imagining a warm spring day for that job. It's the main sunny area and the one that passersby notice first so want it to look good.
4. Continue to photograph and document my garden. This is pleasurable and practical, as the photos provide a storehouse for my regular newspaper column and occasionally for this blog and the journal helps me keep track of when perennials return and how they perform. I highly recommend either of these activities to gardeners.
5. Lastly, I want to make greater use of natural predators in my garden to deal with unwanted pests. I also want to plant more berry-producing shrubs for the many bird visitors that frequent my garden year round.

It doesn't matter how ambitious or modest your goals are for your garden, I find it helpful to write them down so that they move to the forefront of my mind. And just maybe you'll reach the end of 2011 and be able to check some of these goals off your list! Spring may just be a twinkle in our eyes right now but it isn't too early to dream about a more beautiful garden!

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  1. One of my New Years gardening resolutions is to use fewer chemicals. Right now I am looking for an alternative to Round Up for weeds. I have heard that hot water will kill the weeds. If that's true, it wouldn't be too hard to run a hot water line to the garden. What do you think?


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