Saturday, January 29, 2011

SF Chronicle Pick of the Week columns

Many of you find this blog from my regular column in the Sunday SF Chronicle (Pick of the Week). That column focuses on one flowering plant each week, looking at not just the description of the plant and the growing conditions it prefers but in many cases little known aspects of its history or explanations as to how it acquired its common name. What many occasional readers of the column may not realize is that they can find all of these columns, now going back five years, archived on the Chronicle's website, There are two ways to access these columns. You can enter my name in the search box from the home page or if you want to look for a particular column you can enter the botanical (or in some cases the common) name of that plant. You will however initially only be given results from the last 30 days. At the top of the search page, you will see a drop down menu that allows you to search the last 90 days, one year or full archive. The latter choice is the simplest to employ. You can then choose to organize them by date, with the most recent appearing first.
You may have noticed on the far right side of this blog a chronological listing of my Pick columns. They're in two sections -- up above are columns beginning with January 2009. Below that, I've archived the older columns alphabetically by plant name. You can use this listing of column entries to find a particular plant of interest on the SF Gate site. I've also written a dozen or so feature articles that are archived on this same site.
I've now written over 75 Pick of the Week columns so there's plenty of interesting plants to take a closer look at in this format. Enjoy!

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