Monday, May 30, 2011

May garden photos

As we sputter toward a sort-of-spring/summer, with days more reminiscent of March than almost June, our gardens soldier on. I find that perennials planted a few years back can more easily cope with the cooler and less sunny conditions and they're the ones that are in bloom, mysteriously beating spring annuals to the flowering punch. In that light, here are some flowers that are putting on a show in my garden these days.

Top left: Houttuynia tricolor: I love the colors on this deciduous, moisture-loving ground cover but now keep it in a pot so it can't take over a plot
2nd line left: Phacelia viscida: One of the prettiest of all CA bluebells!
2nd line right: My Leucospermum 'Veldfire' came into its own this year, producing at least two dozen flowers. Probably the most gorgeous of all pincushion plants.
3rd line left: I grow Canary Creeper every year, loving its cheerful and curious flowers and mint green foliage.
3rd line right: This unopened flower bud on a bearded iris just seemed too silky to pass up taking a photo of. It proves that sometimes flowers can be just as attractive unopened as when they do open.
4th line left: Isoplexis canariensis isn't well known and that's too bad. They have beautiful colors, are tough and hummingbirds love the tubular flowers.
4th line right: Ahh, the simple but under appreciated Love-in-a-Mist! A close-up photo really shows what a cool flower they actually possess.
Bottom line left: My vigorous marmalade bush (streptosolen) is already in full bloom, attracting bees and hummers alike. Voted #1 showiest plant by garden passersby!
Bottom line right: Helenium is supposed to be a late summer/fall blooming plant but my H. Mardi Gras never got that email. One of my favorites.

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