Thursday, June 16, 2011

Drying Out

I think many of us are ready for the dry season (if in fact it's really here) but of course that means back to watering. Now might be the time to put in that irrigation system you've been promising to do. In the very least, It's time to mulch various planting beds, which will not only mean less watering but fewer weeds. And the weeds that do come up through the mulch are generally easier to pull out.
Though it doesn't seem like we had a spring, our gardens are already transitioning to summer. That means some of the fall and winter annuals are done and even some of the shorter lived spring annuals like poppies & baby blue eyes. It's time to plant things that like and can take the heat, like gaillardias, coreopsis, salvias, rudbeckias, yarrows, wall flowers (erysimum) and various kinds of daisies. It's also a good time to start that herb garden, if you haven't already. Why not try a few new things, like lemon verbena, an unusual mint or a less common basil? I just bought a deep purple basil that is worth growing just for the color.
This is also the time unfortunately to get out the pruners and do a lot of neatening, especially tip pruning. For those of you with limited ground space but a lot of pots, it's time to rotate plants that are your summer bloomers into valuable sunny spaces.
And don't forget to fertilize! It makes a huge difference in the strength of your garden's blooming.
Okay, summer's here. No more procrastinating. Get thee out in the garden!

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