Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer photos

As the summer slowly creeps in, perennials begin to show themselves in our gardens, even as the last of the spring annuals put on a colorful display. Here are some recent photos from my garden, showcasing a mix of both.
Top left: Centaurea 'Blue Boy.' I love this particular strawflower because it is the most vivid purplish-blue. The color is so saturated, it seems as if they emptied a whole can of paint into each flower.
Top right: Campanula medium. Canterbury bells are common flowers but the insides of each bell-shaped flower are quite gorgeous. This view reminds me a bit of Georgia O'Keefe's work.
Second line left: Helipterum 'Pierrot.' Another kind of papery flower, this is a simple but elegant flower that provides such a delightful tactile experience.
Second line right: A simple clarkia variety, this one offering the richest of magenta red colors. Count me as a clarkia fan -- I have two others in bloom right now, including my favorite, C. amoena 'Aurora,' with its bounty of salmon colored flowers.
Lower line left: There are a number of interesting Silene species out there but this starfish type has been a reliable perennial in my garden for six years running. It's my 'red' fix and is a tough guy to boot.
Lower line right: Here's a plant many have not heard of, Dracocephalum argunense. It has the loveliest purplish-blue flowers, with tiny hairs that give it a fuzzy appearance. Unlike almost any other color I've ever seen. It's a low growing perennial native to China but can easily make itself at home in our Bay Area.

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