Monday, July 25, 2011

New Garden Photos

Here are some photos from my garden, shot on 7/24. A little sun has brought out some late flowering.
Top left: Agastache species. As you can see it's completely filled this wine barrel, all started from one 4" plant! A favorite of bees and hummingbirds.
Top right: King protea flower. Aren't these the most amazing flowers? So architectural!
2nd line left: Hibiscus cisplatinus. I love the spiralling pattern of these flowers.
2nd line right: Calycanthus (Spice bush). These have the oddest smelling flowers I've ever encountered. They smell like wine vinegar! Not pleasant to my nose but interesting.
3rd line left: Centaurea gymnocarpa. Not a perfect shot but I love the splay pattern of these flowers!
3rd line right: Double Azalea Apricot snapdragon. My FAVORITE snapdragon and the hardiest, most floriferous I've ever encountered.
4th line left: Verbascum Arctic Summer. Love the velvety gray foliage on this mullein!
4th line right: Campanula primulifolia. One of the tall campanulas. I love the flowers and its ramrod verticality. It works well in a narrow front yard planting strip.
Bottom line left: Coreopsis Roulette. A new coreopsis from Annie's Annuals that's showy and carnival-esque.
Bottom line right: Variegated houttunyia. This water loving ground cover is just as pretty in a pot, which is where I'm keeping it (to keep it from running wild in the ground).

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