Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August garden photos

Here are photos of my garden shot during the week of August 19th. The focus as always is on the individual flowers but I'm about to shoot photos of beds in progress for the curious. The flowers are as follows:
Top left: Cynoglossum. I love true blue flowers and wanted to shoot this plant to include flower buds, not just opened flowers.
Top right: Mandevilla. You just don't get any redder than this saturated red mandevilla vine. It's just now kicking into blooming, having waited out our cool summer to date.
2nd line left: Tiger Woods lily. Well, at least something with Tiger's name is doing great!
2nd line right: Angelwing begonia. This cane-type begonia took a little time to rebound this year but is now flowering again. It's one of the spotted types but there are many, many other larger-leaved cane begonias out on the market.
3rd line left: Begonia sutherlandii. This smaller, cascading begonia is a real cutie and I love its coral-orange flowers.
3rd line right: Purple and white hanging type fuchsia. A classic!
4th line left: Tradescantia 'Concord Grape.' A lovely spiderwort, with a vivid purple flower.
4th line right: Dianthus. This peach colored carnation is a real show stopper, even if the flowers are small. Fabulous coloring.
Bottom line left: Sphaeralcea grossulariifolia. Big name for such a small flower but the color is lovely, especially when it's backlit by the sun here.
Bottom line right: Neomarica caerulea. My absolute favorite member of the iris family. The flowers appear on three foot tall stalks and as you can see showcase the most vivid colors and patterns.

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