Sunday, August 7, 2011

Plant of the Month

As has been mentioned I have a large garden filled with quite a variety of plants. The selection covers the entire spectrum but I have a fondness for bulbs. One bulb I had been meaning to grow and just never got around to it was the cormous perennial Bessera, known as Coral Drops. This Mexican native is proof that good things do indeed come in small packages. Reaching only a foot tall (though RHS says it will get to 24") and having inconspicuous foliage, the plant is wholly unimpressive until it flowers. Tiny little 'drops' open to the most gorgeous pendent, umbrella-like flowers. The color is out of this world -- a rich orangish-coral -- and creamy yellow ribs on the inner sides of the petals only add to the allure. The package is given an explanation point with turquise-green stamens. I am often disappointed between the real world flower and the photo on that plant's sign or package but in this case the real flower exceeded expectations!

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