Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Let's face it, very people are keen about change. This holds true for our gardens, whether that be minor (a plant dies and you need to find something else for that spot) or more substantial (you need to completely redo an area). The truth is, these unplanned changes also provide opportunities. We may not always follow through on our visions for the perfect garden but when an area in our garden requires reworking it provides the impetus to put a new plan into action.
Recently my landlord had to put in a new walkway and that meant me digging out the bed adjoining it. It was traumatic at first, removing bulbs and perennials there, but in putting it back together after the job was complete, I was able to modify the bed and improve it.
Sometimes, a tree is cut down on an adjoining property and completely changes the light pattern in one of your beds. That may mean re-evaluating the area and changing out some of the plants there.
While some of these jobs can be a lot of work -- I had to remove a great volume of cement and concrete from the corner of my back yard in order to get it ready to plant a semi-tropical bed -- the end results can be very satisfying.
So, embrace change. Consider it an opportunity to do something more creative in the area that needs reworking. Don't be afraid to think big or do something simple and clean. Our gardens are a reflection of Nature, constantly in change. Evolving. You sometimes are afforded the opportunity to not just go with the flow but to help it along.

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