Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Garden photos

Here are early winter photos from my Oakland CA garden. My latest project has been to re-imagine a front yard bed as a Mediterranean climate Australian shrubs bed. Planted there currently are two grevilleas, a melaleuca, brachysema, a wax flower shrub (chamelauchium), a white flowering swainsona, a wooly bush (adenanthos) and a variegated correa. Recently I've added driftwood, stones and shells to give it a natural look. I even added a recently found pelvis bone of a small animal. Two photos of the bed are included here. The photos are:
Top: Buddha's Hand citrus, considered to be the most ancient of all cultivated citrus.
2nd line: The two photos of the Aussie shrubs bed
2nd line right: A Japanese maple showing its fall glory.
3rd line left: The bed lining my front walkway, with plants such as ratibida, trachelium, scabiosa, oenathera and rudbeckia still in bloom.
3rd line right: Two recently created succulent bowls (doing very well).
Below right: A staghorn fern mounted on a square piece of wood.

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