Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spring in January?

Those of us living in the Bay Area are enjoying what amounts to an early spring. My garden features three groups of plants right now. First, my camellias are all in bloom now, with the C. Black Magic and C. reticulata 'Frank Hauser' the real stars. Second, a number of my Australian shrubs are beginning to flower, making for an interesting late winter show. Lastly, I have plenty of bulbs up, with early crocus and lachenalia already in bloom. So much for 'winter dormancy.' Here are a few photos taken yesterday.
Top line: The exuberant and prolific Lachenalia tricolor. Probably the most colorful one in my collection.
2nd line left: Schizostylis. This bulb just keeps putting out flowering spikes. Supposedly a fall bloomer but it hasn't stopped.
2nd line right: Chanomeles 'Kurokoji.' Blood red flowers on this ornamental quince. Great winter color, here backlit by a morning sun.
Bottom left: Melaleuca incana. This tough Aussie shrub puts out fat little bottlebrush-like blooms.
Bottom right: Helleborus 'Tutu.' This semi-double hellebore features nectaries that have become petaloid, creating a sort of inner halo. Gorgeous.

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