Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Foundation shrubs

So much of gardening can be prepping the soil, weeding, trimming and planting -- seemingly endless at times -- that sometimes we have to remind ourselves to enjoy what our long established plants have to offer. Nowhere is that true more than with the foundation shrubs in our gardens. Some of these deciduous bushes are offering us vibrant new foliage or in some cases, already flowering. My Goldflame spirea has fully leafed out, showcasing vibrant gold and red foliage. Likewise, my two sambucus (elderberry) bushes have clothed themselves in new foliage. I was pleased to see that the charming S. Madonna has returned with its true variegation. And my physocarpus 'twins,' the darker-leaved Coppertina and the golden Nugget, had barely leafed out when they began pushing out tiny flower heads. My collection of iochromas - I have three varieties, the latest of which is the glorious Burgandy Wine - are already beginning to bloom.
So take some time to enjoy the fruits of your fall and winter labors! That weeding can wait for another day.

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