Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garden photos 5/21/12

 Here's the info on the photos:
Top line left -- The newly planted tropical corner in my back yard
Top line right -- Sweet pea close-up, showing off its rich maroon
2nd line left -- Back yard path with frog stepping stone
2nd line right -- Close-up of an airy thalictrum flower
3rd line left -- one of the new 3D osteospermum flowers
3rd line right - my lone rose, kept because it's sensationally fragrant
4th line left -- Nigella African Bride. I love the burgandy and white contrast
4th line right -- A rare nigella (ciliaris) known as Pinwheel nigella
5th line left -- Lysimachia atropurpurea, Fabulous
5th line right -- Centaurea gymnocarpa. Wild thang!
6th line left -- Exuberant marmalade bush
6th line right -- Lovely mounding Sphaeralcea munroana
7th line left -- Swainsona blossom, the light showing a subtle ribbing
7th line right -- Gaillardia Oranges & Lemons. My favorite gaillardia
8th line left -- Larkspur Chorus Violet. Flower bud about to open.
9th line left -- Petunia planted in a large teacup
9th line center -- California stream orchid (Epipactis) Serpentine Night. Love its dark tones
9th line right -- Campanula punctata. Vigorous nodding bells with speckled throats
Bottom line -- Berries on my Mahonia lomariifolia

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