Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garden photos

Here are some recent photos from my garden. Blogger has a new format I'm still trying to decipher so for now the photos are one per line instead of two as before. From top to bottom they are:
Papaver Danebrog. One of the showiest of the breadseed poppies!
Phacelia viscida. I love phacelias and this certainly is one of the prettiest.
Papaver Flemish Antique. What can you say? Wild. Unique. Dazzling.
Verticordia plumosa. One of my favorite Australian shrubs. Delicate yet showy.
Drosanthemum Pele. Not only do you get dazzling colors but the flowers are downy soft!
Gilia achilleifolia. One of the lesser known gilias but oh so lovely. Bees love them.
Allium schubertii. An onion? Yes! I think of this species and A. christophii as the 'fireworks' alliums.
Thalictrum species. So airy, like ethereal pink clouds.
Calceolaria Kentish Hero. If you've only seen yellow 'pocketbooks,' this fiery orange variety is an eye-opener!
Maianthemum. A little known native ground cover, it features lovely, ribbed, heart-shaped leaves and sprays of delicate white flowers.
Alonsoa species. An orange alonsoa? Yes and just as vigorous as the red and apricot varieties. A creamy orange that's just too delicious.
Rhododendron 'Sappho.' Thrips almost got my specimen but it managed to flower this spring and with that wonderful splash of maroon against pure white petals it's one of my faves.

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