Sunday, May 27, 2012

Glorious spring

I recently hosted a garden party and in a few quiet moments amid the frantic preparations I stopped to appreciate the garden in its spring clothes. And that made me realize that gardening is a continuum. There is no one day, no one moment when it's spring. Whatever the calendar may say, spring is a succession of days, a bit of a lovely blur and it's only when one stops to really appreciate the beauty of a moment in time that the ever turning wheel pauses for a minute. I have many, many plants in my garden and it's easy to always be looking forward to the next flowers about to bloom. I caught myself the other day thinking "I can't wait for the lilies going to bloom!" The party forced me to share the garden in one of those moments in time. One reason I take regular photos of my garden is that it allows me to capture some of these moments. So, as we prepare for the Memorial Day long weekend, here's hoping you can appreciate your own labors and realize that while gardens are indeed a work in progress, there is something beautiful to be found in every moment.

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