Saturday, June 9, 2012

Garden Photos June

Here are a few more photos from my early June garden. I find it very satisfying, capturing my garden in its many phases. One's memory plays tricks on what has happened in the past. Thus an 'objective' record of when certain flowers bloomed and in what manner can be a useful record. Plus it's just fun to see the beauty of one's work permanently saved. Okay, top to bottom:

Lonicera sempervirens - This east coast honeysuckle's reddish coral flowers are so pretty.
Calceolaria Kentish Hero - Everyone's favorite Ladyslipper. Love that burnt orange!
Brodiaea californica - A vigorous native bulb with upright funnel-shaped flowers in great numbers
Brodiaea laxa - Another native member of the lily family with rich deep blue flowers
Prunella 'Loveliness' - This vigorous ground cover was one of the plants used as part of the 'living roof' on the S.F. Academy of Sciences building. Tough but beautiful
Lilium 'Wizard' - Lilies are my favorite common bulb and this one is really showy
Cuphea ignea - I'm becoming a real fan of cupheas and this "cigar plant" is tiny but charming
Echium Blue Bedder - Most people think of echiums as large perennial shrubs but there is an annual species. This one blooms as heavily and is equally a bee magnet
Echium wildpretii - Speaking of echiums, here's a close-up of the young rosette on a Tower of Jewels echium. Sometimes photographs can change our view of a familiar plant
Day lily - Day lilies may be common but that doesn't mean they're not pretty. Who doesn't like red?

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