Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garden Photos part three

More photos from my June garden. Top to bottom:
Baby Toes. This charming little inch + high succulent reminds of stepping stone formations on the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, seen on my trip to Europe in 1995.
Glaucium grandiflorum. Wow, I lucked out on this shot! Indescribably beautiful flowers on this surprisingly vigorous little poppy.
Larkspur Chorus Violet. A sweet and vivid larkspur propagated by Annie's Annuals.
Scyphanthus. I finally got a shot that does this charming little vine justice. Love the color and the spotting on these inch plus flowers.
This Petunia Phantom certainly is colorful but check out the pot. It's a large-sized teacup that one of our pottery suppliers provided us as advance samples.
I keep trying to get a perfect shot of my showy Belle of Woking clematis and while this one isn't there yet it does give an idea of its full double-type form.
This is a new dianthus that I had to have because of its lovely rosy-coral color.

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