Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden Photos part two

More photos from my early summer garden, a mix of color and singular plants either in bloom or about to be. From the top:
Lysimachia Golden Alexander. I've been loving variegated plants lately.
My new Clematis purpurea plena elegans, a smaller-sized by fully double charmer. Yea for Somona Hort!
The must-have Fuchsia nettala with the dangling feet or as one person calls them 'The dancing dolls'
My ebullient Nikko Blue hydrangea, which really went crazy this year.
The equally vigorous Canary Creeper nasturtium. So cheerful!
Here's a still budded flower on my Hibiscus cisplinatus 'Rosa del Rio'. Can't wait till they open.
Who doesn't love the innocent yellow flowers on Clematis tangutica, here framed by the wrought iron porch railing.
Then there's the vivid color and patterning on the tall Iris family member, Neomarica caerulea. I managed to catch an interesting pattern of light on this newly opened bloom.
It may be hard to make out the next flower but it's the giant spathe on my Dracunculus vulgaris plant, in the process of a slow motion unfurling. The spathe is a rich burgandy while the spadix is almost black. One of the oddest of the arum family members.
Lastly, something simple and sweet, a yellow and gold tigridia lily flower. This is one of the first to bloom in a large patch I planted at the beginning of the year.

Hope you enjoy the photos and remember to take pictures of your own garden.

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