Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dog days

Sometimes the 'dog days' of summer are a good thing. For we gardeners it's a time to enjoy the fruits of our labors and to mainly be concerned with weekly maintenance. Of course some of us are still planting, adding summer and early fall perennials to the spots vacated by spring annuals. In August my thoughts turn to thoughts of vines. Now is an excellent time to plant a variety of vines, be that common ones such as jasmine, passion flowers, thunbergias or Bower vines (Pandorea) or less common ones such as Cup & Saucer (cobaea) and Kennedia. Maintenance wise, it's time to replenish bark mulches, trim back those plants that have gotten carried away, fertilize everything that will benefit from such feeding this time of year and trim back any bulbs that have finished blooming.
Here are a few more photos from my late July garden, an eclectic mix that reflects the diversity of my little corner of paradise. From top to bottom, they are:
Echinacea Hot Papaya. No other word but wow for this showy echinacea.
Tiger lilies. I'm a sucker for lilies, which are some of the easiest & most colorful bulbs to grow.
Clematis tangutica seedhead. This cute yellow clematis is worth growing for the seedheads alone!
Pink mirabilis. What's that expression? A weed is only a plant you don't want in your garden. Oh so true for the vigorously self seeding Four O'Clocks.
Thalictrum rochebruneanum (say that species name fast ten times). Quite possibly the loveliest of all meadow rues!
Variegated porcelain berry vine. This vigorous vine not only has THE most beautiful berries in existence (I just checked the voting and it wasn't close) but this variegated form's foliage is lovely indeed. I finally found a place to grow mine and it's much happier.
Hibiscus cisplinatus. I've posted photos before but here's one of the flower about to open. Lush is the word that comes to mind.
Begonia Gene Daniels. So many begonias, so little time. I got the sun dappling the leaves, creating an interesting effect.

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