Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Harvest

Summer harvest means something entirely different to flower gardeners. It's often a time when we see the fruits of our late spring labors. Or in some cases, when perennials or summer blooming bulbs treat us with colorful floral displays. Garden work doesn't stop -- there's still lots of trimming, dead-heading and fertilizing to do -- but we can pause to reap the dividends of our hard work (no worrying about the ups and downs of the stock market; these dividends are comforting and reliable).
So, here are a few more flowers who've decided to share their bounty with passersby and neighbors. Descriptions are top to bottom.

Mandevilla (red). I'm not sure I've ever seen a more saturated red color on any flower. Ever.
Lilium Schehezerade. Talk about telling stories. This fabulous lily has a new one ever year!
Phylica plumosa. This elegant S. African shrub is notoriously difficult to grow but worth the effort. Here I capture the first beginnings of its indescribably beautiful downy flowers.
Delphinium chinensis. Talk about beautiful. Isn't this the most gorgeous blue?
Mimulus variety. One of the water loving but oh so pretty monkey flowers.
Lotus Amazon Sunset. Though common, I love this plant and it seems to do better as we get closer to fall.
Salvia vanhouttei. Van what? It may have a funny name but this Annie's salvia has rich, wine red flowers. Here's a bud about to open.
Origanum 'Pilgrim.' Not as showy perhaps as Kent Beauty but such a rich burgundy color.
Sedum x Adolphii. A showy, larger sedum also from Annie's. Summer has burnished its golden hues.
Tricyrtis. Who doesn't love the intricate patterns of toad lily flowers. They're like miniature modern art paintings.
Amorphophallus. This voodoo lily is pretty fab, including its mottled stems.
Leycesteria formosa. The golden-leaved variety is simply a knockout and the flowers remind me of little pagodas, as one will drop below the other in a long dangling chain.

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