Friday, September 7, 2012

A Garden Quickie

More late summer photos. This is a quickie post as I have to run out the door. Hope everyone is enjoying the fruits of their gardening labors!
Salvia vanhouttei. Is this color fab or what? Easy and vigorous!
Clematis niobe. Wait, a second blooming of this spring bloomer? Quelle surprise!
Oxalis carnosa. Love the big "balls" that this pretty oxalis produces.
Scabiosa ochroleuca. A pretty, soft yellow pincushion plant.
Clematis tangutica seedhead. Still my favorite seedhead for clematis varieties.
Agastache Grapefruit. I'm on an agastache roll and this is one of the more fragrant ones. Love the mixed colors too.
Protea cynaroides. King Proteas. One of a kind and surprisingly easy to grow.
Kalanchoe Chocolate Soldier. A lot of people's favorite kalanchoe. But really, chocolate soldier? Do we really need to bring the military into this? How about Kalanchoe 'Brunette'?

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