Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Harvest

For flower gardeners, our harvest are the fall blooming plants that populate our gardens now. I'm always surprised that even this late in the year my garden is full of color. So here are more photos, my favorite today being the first one, Haemanthus albiflos. I love its common name: shaving brush plant. I see why now. The other photos are, top to bottom:
Leycesteria formosa. Here is the seedpod/fruit. Fab.
Mahonia. My specimen seems to start blooming earlier every year.
Hydrangea Nikko Blue. Hydrangea flowers in October? This guy has been unstoppable this year!
Orange masdevallia. Thought I'd killed it but lo and behold a little bloom fertilizer and it's back.
Little John azalea and lemon verbena. Love the rich tones of the azalea and the lemon verbena is simply too fragrant for words.
Crassula corymbulosa flowers. Fantastic little marvels. This crassula always seems to be in bloom.
Salvia discolor. Still my favorite salvia, with the lime green bracts, white stems and almost black flowers.
Penstemon Tubular Bells Rose. I haven't always had good luck with penstemons but this one's been a real trooper.
Rudbeckia 'Maya.' In a word - WOW! Sometimes nature is frighteningly perfect.
Marmalade bush. This closeup isn't in perfect focus but I love this bush as much as the hummers do. And that's saying something.
Day lily. Forget which one this is but love the sublime colors.
Passiflora citrina. So simple and yet so lovely. As refreshing as a mint julep.
Plumbago auriculata. Robin's egg blue. Nuff said.
Chaenomeles fruit. Contrary to what some believe this flowering quince does actually produce edible fruit. Kind of cool looking.
Portulacaria in front of aloe. Love the juxtaposition.
Burgundy iochroma. I nearly killed this plant but once I got it in the ground it's now flourishing.
Begonia Gene Daniels. It's been a very happy camper and is shooting off bloom spikes in all directions.
Ledebouria socialis. Not many know this little bulbous perennial hailing from S. Africa but it's one of my favorites and I never fuss over it.

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