Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall into Grace

Fall into grace could be a good title for a book on gardening, as it sums up for many of us the feeling of being blessed to tend to such beautiful gardens. My garden is bursting with color these days, a fact that still seems odd to this former Canadian. The weather is due to warm up again this next week but there's no mistaking it is fall. Crisp mornings, cool nights and condensation on our car windshields in the morning. As the old saying goes, autumn would be my favorite season if it wasn't followed by winter.
Here are a few more photos of my autumnal garden, where vines are competing with fall blooming perennials and the new color of pansies, Iceland poppies and primrose are adding a carpet of new color. From top to bottom:

Passiflora Blue-eyed Susan. A new passion flower vine on the market and in one word - wow!
Mina lobata. One of my favorite annual vines, in part because of the progression of colors.
Salvia discolor. My favorite salvia and though not in bloom yet, the white stems and silverygreen calyxes are simply lovely.
Bessera elegans. The prettiest bulb no one's ever heard of. Little coral parasols.
Helenium Mardi Gras. Blooms nearly year round here in Oakland's mild climate. If ever a plant was aptly named, this festive sneezeweed certainly is.
Rose variety. Though I'm not a big rose person, this inherited rose is lovely and intensely fragrant.
Echinacea Summer Sky. Love 'em or hate 'em, when echinaceas are happy they're certainly showy.
Morpho Butterfly pansy. We joke at our nursery that this variety was inspired by Morpheus of Matrix fame.
Dahlia 'Seattle.' It's late this year and showing more peach highlights, which is fine by me.
Grevillea 'Moonlight.' I love this grevillea and even though the flower spike here has yet to open it still possesses a shimmering beauty.
Lotus 'Amazon Sunset.' It's my observation that lotus like the later months. Mine has rebounded and is looking its best as the weather cools down.

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