Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Slo-mo hibernation

Unlike other parts of the country where the cold and snow can appear unannounced within a week's time, the Bay Area experiences a slow motion slide into a period of hibernation for many denizens of our gardens. 80 degree days are followed by 55 degree days and I can almost hear my plants saying "Make up your friggin' mind!" That said, my own garden is sliding into a late, late fall, with the summer blooming plants now having given up the ghost finally and the true fall bloomers still wearing their fancy threads (soon to be packed away). I came back a week up in Canada to discover many of my South African bulbs having sprouted, much to my delight. I have so many that it now occupies in my mind it's own season. It's especially wonderful as this December to April season presages (and overlaps) the other spring bulb bloomers. It's almost like going on vacation to somewhere warmer, indulging in a natural beauty before our own spring rolls around.
That said, here are a few more photos of things in bloom or just showing off, taken on this 6th day of November. Call it a little sanity before the election mess arrives tonight. Photos are:

Isoplexis. For some reason I just love this plant and its hooded rusty flowers.
Lampranthus. Ice plants may be common but that doesn't mean they aren't showy & fabulous.
Commelina coelestis. This vivid blue flower may be small but it gets many votes for the prettiest blue of any flower out there. Vigorous and spreading, it's managed to get a toehold under my fir tree.
King protea. For some reason this plant has been so late it's almost circled around to next year. I'm still hopeful this flower bud will open. Till then I get to enjoy its glorious geometry.
Salvia canariensis. Lately I've been into fuzzy foliage and this salvia is one of the best.
Grevillea rosmarinifolia dwarf. This spreading grevillea is beginning to bloom and well, what can I say, I'm a sucker for grevilleas.
Agastache Grapefruit Nectar. I know I've posted a photo before but I simply adore the rainbow of colors on this super fragrant agastache.

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