Friday, December 7, 2012

A Spring December

Only in California, on the coast that is, can we have the beautiful mild & sunny day we were treated with today. Following the 4" of rain we received it sent local gardens into a frenzy (alas, also the weeds). Winter shrubs such as camellias suddenly began to burst and annual winter color flourished. It's easy to take this all in stride, until you look at the weather in the Midwest and elsewhere. The sunny day inspired me to get out my camera and take photos. This week I'll start with the photos then put their IDs and descriptions afterwards.

Top to bottom the photos are:
Camellia Silver Waves. Huge pure white petals with prominent stamen. The oldest of my group of camellias and thus quite the show each winter.
Camellia Buttermint. The flowers are small but this dwarf camellia blooms its heart out and it has a creamy yellow center.
Japanese maple + birdhouse. A nice late fall scene. The birdhouse is yet to be occupied but I'm hoping someone will use it this spring.
Impatiens congolense. Still one of the oddest plants in my garden (and I have a few). They're said to resemble macaw beaks but I think they look like little red & yellow candies.
Succulent bowl. I've really done nothing in the year since I planted this bowl. It's taken care of itself and keeps looking better and better.
Echinacea. I keep photographing them cause the colors keep changing - this one more orange than pink - and because this is my first time of having any real luck with them.
Eryngium planum 'Jade Frost.' Fabulous foliage and very soon spiky purple flowers. My plant of the month!
Phylica plumosa. Hardly anyone grows this fabulous S. African shrub anymore and that's a mystery to me.It has the downiest foliage, which captured here in the sun, is luminescent.
Phylica plumosa, close up. I love digital cameras. I was able to focus so close that you can see the tiny beads of water on the hairs of the leaves.
King protea. I've posted photos of this guy before but it's so strange to see it blooming in December!
Leucospermum 'Veldfire.' To me the showiest of all pincushion varieties. Here it is just starting to bud up. The red-edged leaves are also a wonderful feature of this S. African shrub.
Babiana foliage. Here's a thick stand of the distinctively ribbed foliage of the baboon flower as it's called. And yes, in Africa baboons do eat these plants!

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