Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Upside to Rain

Those of us in the Bay Area are looking out our windows right now and seeing the wind and rain. Only the hard core "ducks" as I call those who come out in this weather, are shopping for plants or tending to their gardens in this weather. I'm not one of those. If it's raining or has just rained, I'm staying inside and pining for clear skies. That said, have you noticed that after a rain our gardens seem to positively glow? More so than if we watered the garden by hand. The rain doesn't just "clean" the air, a good thing in itself. No I believe that rain is a much healthier way for our gardens to receive moisture. Call it prana if you will or the fact that Mother Nature just does everything better. Of course when we get a lot of rain, like in these series of storms, the rain is soaking deeper into the ground than is usually the case when we hand water the garden. That means it gets to plants with deeper root systems.
So, that's my "silver lining," even for a sun lover like myself. And of course it means I don't have to water my large garden for awhile, a task that in the after work darkness is no fun.
So, let's raise a glass to the rain. Then let's all do our sun dance to bring the sun back into our winter days.

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