Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Iceman Cometh

Wherever you live in the Bay Area, it was pretty damn cold the last few nights. My plants survived the near freeze, hope yours did as well. We're rewarded today, Thursday, with blue skies and pleasant if still nippy weather. This is a good time to be reworking your beds, weeding, pruning and amending. For those of us with primarily perennial beds, it's time to add nutrition from the top down. I'll be adding a fertile soil conditioner on top of certain beds and letting it seep in with the upcoming rains.
Though December and January are the slowest months in my garden, as far as flowers go, there were a few things worth photographing. Here they are, top to bottom:

Edgeworthia buds. As you may know, this intensely fragrant deciduous shrub produces early clusters of flower buds that then pop open in late winter to offer tiny yellow flowers with the sweetest fragrance.
Viola. Couldn't resist capturing the beauty of this little viola.
Alpinia Zerumbet. Backlit, this ginger's leaves offer a distinctive beauty.
Arctotis. Like red? This guy's got it in spades. This African daisy loves the winter sun.
Echeveria flowers. Who doesn't love Echeverias? This one has unusually dark flowers.
Helleborus Wayne Rodderick. I sometimes think that Lenten Roses look even prettier in bud form.
Juniperus 'Blue Star.' I'm about to plant a dwarf conifer bed and this small, spreading juniper will be one of the featured attractions.
Banksia ericifolia. Just the lovely new growth so far but I'm looking forward to the eventual orange flower cones. My journey 'Down Under' continues ...
Aloe rupestris. A rescue that has flourished. Hasn't acquired its winter red tones but lovely nonetheless.
Mother fern. Shot at work but I couldn't resist adding the lacy green foliage to this entry.
Pieris. Likewise shot at work, this P. 'Flaming Silver' has to be the loveliest of all the pieris varieties. The flowers have yet to open but it still has an undeniable charm.

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