Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring bounty part 2

I will admit that I'm torn about sharing photos of my garden. On the one hand it's the height of self-indulgent vanity -- hey, look how pretty my garden is -- but then again I love sharing these photos, just as I love sharing my garden's beauty with friends and passersby. So with that mea culpa, here are a few more photos on this part sunny, part rainy spring day.

Ixia species. Sometimes ixias offer a soft palette and at other times intense colors like this fuchsia-colored variety.
Mimulus variety. This "water" mimulus is flourishing and keeps thinking of new colors to put forward.
Drosanthemum 'Pele.' Flame colors but soft luxurious petals, dew flowers are one of my favorites.
Leucospermum species. Brought home from Ace's houseplant supplier, am I the only one who thinks this is odd?, this pincushion has flourished.
Sphaeralcea munroana. One of my favorites, this low, spreading globe mallow has the most beautiful foliage of all mallows and the one inch rose-red flowers are indescribably lovely.
Chaenomeles Kurokoji. A force of nature, this flowering quince is so spectacular I didn't have the heart to dig it out of the bed that became an Aussie natives bed last year.
Phacelia viscida + sweet pea. Both just starting to bloom. A good color combo, n'est-ce pas?
Japanese painted fern. Back like clockworks, this showy deciduous fern is one of my faves, especially when the morning sun highlights its silvers & purples.
Viburnum plicatum. I love viburnums, they along with physocarpus (ninebark) and spireas might be my favorite deciduous shrubs, and V. plicatum is one of the best. This shot is a bit on the dark side but in a strange way that makes the newly opened white flowers pop.
Allium schubertii. Those that are in any way familiar with my garden know I have a huge collection of bulbs. This includes some alliums (ornamental onions) and there are two that are tied together in my mind -- this A. schubertii and the similar A. cristophii (Stars of Persia). I call them the "exploding" alliums as each head is comprised of dozens of individual star-shaped flowers that seem to explode from the center.
Iris Bronze Beauty. Just a lovely Dutch iris, combining pale purple and showy bronze petals.
Iris pseudacorus 'Holden Clough.' I teased you in the last entry with an unopened bud; here is the flower fully opened.

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