Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Two New Vines

Today's post looks at two less common vines that have found their way to my garden recently. The first is Aristolochia chilensis. Native to, yes, Chile, it produces large flowers that have prominent hairs covering the 'mouth' of the carrion flower. It does well in our compatible climate, at least in the milder zones. Hard to find, Annie's Annuals is the one reliable source right now, it should make an outstanding 10-15' climber for mostly shade.
The second new arrival is Lonicera pilosa, known as Mexican honeysuckle. Though it's not fragrant, the red tubular flowers open to a golden-orange color, making this one of the most colorful climbers you will grow. Hardy and floriferous, it is, like all honeysuckles, a magnet for hummingbirds.
I've attached photos from the web so have visuals of these two fabulous vines.
Following those are today's photos from my garden, representing the bounty of summer.

Aristolochia chilensis. Simply one of the coolest looking flowers out there. Perhaps not Dutchman's Pipe but Dutchman's Fur Collar?

Lonicera pilosa. Just the most scrumptious colors. 

Nepeta faassenii. This newly planted Cat mint is meant to spread out and fill in a newly weeded, amended and barked bed.

Lilium tigrinum splendens or in plain speak - Tiger lily. I'm a big fan of lilies with recurved petals. We could call them 'yoga' lilies, as they mimic that yoga pose.

Thunbergia 'Arizona Red.'  I've taken photos of individual flowers but here's a shot of it slowly making its way along, and cascading down, the fence.

Deppea splendens. Splendid indeed, golden flowers emerging from burgundy bracts, all held by micro-thin stems makes for an intriguing flower cluster.

Plectranthus coleoides variegata. Here the foliage is the thing on this low spreading Plectranthus species.

Here's a better photo of my Cotyledon orbiculata var. orbiculata that I posted last week. Photographing isn't for sissies. I had to lay on my back to get low enough to capture the lower portions of this succulent's wondrous flowers.

Agastache rupestris has such delicate foliage and flowers it's hard to get a decent shot of the plant. This attempt is so-so but it's such a pretty flower I had to try.

Lilium Flore Pleno. This double form Tiger lily is one of my favorites. The rear petals are recurved whereas the front layer lay flatter for an extra 'roar.'

Yet more lilies. I bought this in bulb form and it was listed just as an Oriental mix. As you can see, they're all pink and upward facing, making them a Stargazer type of lily. And that means they're also sweetly fragrant.

Eriogonum crocatum. My favorite California Buckwheat, both for its ultra-silver foliage and its sweet sulphur-yellow flowers.

Fuchsia 'Golden Gypsy.' The leaves didn't stay golden but this hanging basket type Fuchsia has nonetheless been a consistent bloomer.

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