Friday, August 23, 2013

Just the Snaps ma'am

So, no pondering just photos this third day of my three day weekend (this could get addictive, 3 day weekends).

I finally got a shot of my fab Datura Blackcurrant Swirl while open and in perfect form (which only lasts for a few hours).

Begonias White Dove and Escargot. I'm so happy that the White Dove is back from the dead. And here's a very, very bad joke about the Escargot begonia. Someone's car is broken down at the side of the road. A car pulls over and and a Frenchman who doesn't speak much English comes over. What does he ask the driver? Answer: "Es car go?" Save your applause till the end.

Thanks to Barb Siegel for this fabulous new Impatiens (I. auricoma 'Jungle Gold.' Just so showy and I brought it home in full bloom. I'm hoping I can overwinter it.

Here's another shot of the Jungle Gold. Incidentally these kind of Impatiens are known as "Touch-me-Nots" because the ripe seed capsules have a habit of "exploding," sending their seeds far afield.

Here's a shot of my Sedum Sea Urchin on the left and my silvery tillandsia on the right.

Vinca '1st Kiss Blueberry.' Not perfectly in focus but that color! And I want to know what drugs these people are on that come up with variety names like this? (And where can I get some?)

Verbascum nigrum. One of the loveliest (and most vigorous) of the Mulleins. A bee magnet.

Can anybody ID this wasp? It's about an inch long with an golden-orange rear.

Here's my Datura again, a closeup before it unfurls, showing off its rich tones.

My favorite Passion flower vine (Passiflora 'Blue-Eyed Susan). Love that color! and it's proving to be prolific.

Rose. The photo can't unfortunately convey how incredibly fragrant this rose is, one of the most fragrant I've ever smelled. I inherited it so don't know its name.

Cool green berries on my Amorphophallus kiusiana.

I love the vivid red rib on this red banana plant. That's a Hedychium greenii ginger flower spike in front and a black bamboo in back.

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