Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Garden Bounty

Sometimes the words can easily get in the way of the images, in much the same way that analyzing one's garden or while out there constantly thinking of what needs doing rather than just being can take away from the enjoyment of such beauty. I'm certainly guilty of that. So here are some photos of my garden with just a few words to identify the plants.

Passiflora Lady Margaret. I love the color on this vivid passion flower and here I was shooting it at 'surface' level for a different experience of the flower.

Papaver atlanticum, the double form. Crinkled petals and that unique orange make for such a pretty flower.

Pavonia missionum. Simple but with that intense color, this member of the Malvaceae family is a one of a kind.

A new addition, this Delasperma 'Jewel of the Desert Ruby' should be happy in its sunny location, ready to spill over the container.

Shell ginger, as this Alpinia Zerumbet is called, owes its common name to the shell-like white flowers. As you can see, they open up to reveal intricate gold and red throats. Also, a delicious fragrance.

No need to explain that bees dig Campanula primulifolia flowers. Here's one foraging.

Here's my red Mimulus hanging out with the more subtle purple and pale yellow Torenia. Both are favorites of hummers.

Yes, that pink frilly flower is a Dianthus (D. x superbus 'Bearded'). I'm not a big fan of pink but these flowers are just so unique I had to have one.

Here's another shot of my Helenium 'Mardi Gras' in all its glory. Another bee magnet.

There might be a better background for photographing a Mandevilla laxa but this is what I have. The white flowers do really stand out.

My succulent and tillandsia display rack.

Here's another new addition, a Calylophus drummondianus. It's in my 'Yellow' median strip bed.

I've discovered that my Cunonia capensis (Butterknife tree) really does like regular water. Since I've complied, it's filled out more lushly.

Tis the time for lilies. Above it's a Lilium Shehezerade, with its rich blood reds outlined in yellow. Below is a Lilium Black Beauty, a use of the word 'black' that is, umm, artistic license.  Finally there's the pure white beauty of Lilium philippinense, looking all the world to me like L. regale.

My Calibrachoa Superbells Spicy continues to flower and spill and to my eye acquire even bolder colors. 

Another shot of the Lilium philippinense, here catching a bit more sun and showing off its outer pink ribs.

I'm really enjoying my new Ipomoea Jade Masquerade. This sweet potato vine variety is new on the market and will be, I predict, a most popular selection.

Lotus jacobaeus. The so-called Black Lotus does indeed have flowers that are a blackish-burgundy. It's proven to be especially vigorous.

I grow this Canary Creeper nasturtium every year and in this same place. I love the way it scrambles in and around the lattice.

Scrophularia may have tiny flowers but the lovely foliage more than makes up for that deficiency.

Black bamboo. Amazing what a little cottonseed meal will do ...

Clethra alnifolia. Better known as Summersweet for its sarsaparilla-scented flowers. 

And please welcome the newest addition to my collection of houseplants. If a glance makes you think 'That's a rubber plant, right?' the answer is yes. Only in this case it's a variegated variety called Tineke.

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  1. I just discovered your blog and I am in love with your garden!


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