Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A new Pitcher Sage

Well, this is the first blog entry on my computer so here goes. Thought I'd mention a new pitcher sage (Lepechinia) that I've come across. It's L. bella and the name says it all. It sports exceptionally pretty lavender-blue tubular flowers, a color you don't normally see on any other species. I have a 4" start so I'll report back with how it does.
Meanwhile, here are some photos taken today.

Summer garden asiatic lily. This mix contains this lovely raspberry color. 

Helichrysum bracteatum Red. Love these so-called Strawflowers for the feeling of a papery 'already dried' feel.

Orange Electric Asiatic lilies. One of my faves. As with most Asiatic type lilies you get lots of flowers from each stem.

Sphaeralcea Newleaze Coral. One of my favorite mallows. It makes up in abundance what it lacks in flower size. Hardy & prolific.

Callistemon viminalis. The dwarf, bush form of the popular bottlebrush tree.

It's baaaaack. My Tecoma x smithii that is. A prolific bloomer and carefree.

I've gotten into species gladiolas lately and here's a pretty one called Nathalie. Love that peach color!

A red tiger? Indeed! This is part of a Tiger lily mix, which yields flowers ranging in color from orange to red to yellow to pink. I love this burnished red color. 

My Penstemon Violet Kissed has proven durable and floriferous. The orange flowers belong to my Marmalade bush.

Here's a new hummingbird mint - Agastache Peachie Keen. So many Agastache, so little space!

Not a very artistic shot but a better representation of the colors on my Pelargonium 'Claire.'

Brodiaea 'Rudy.' This CA native bulb is one of the showiest of this group.

Here are the first flowers on my utterly charming Maurandella antirrhinum. If that species name looks familiar, yes, it refers to the snapdragon-like flowers on this little vine.

Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile.' One of the most fragrant of all mock oranges.

Begonia odorata White. As the name implies, this is meant to be one of the fragrant begonias. No scent yet but I love the flowers nonetheless.

Pelargonium ssp. Caroline's Citrine. Hard to believe this is a pel and it hasn't flowered yet but I love the huge chartreuse leaves!

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