Thursday, August 29, 2019

Vancouver trip - the City

Last week I posted photos of the three gardens I visited on my Vancouver vacation. This second part has photos of the city itself, though just in a few select situations. Unfortunately my camera's card ran out of space so it cut off a few last photos. Still, there's photos here of a boat trip around False Creek and English Bay, as well as 3 from a day trip to Victoria..

From my brother's boat, here's a long view of downtown Vancouver. Much of the city is bordered by water so a boat cruise afforded a unique viewpoint.

Here's a closer view of English Bay. Believe it or not, these tall buildings aren't office towers but condos! 

We encountered lots of boats, especially inside False Creek. This inlet is notable for two things - the site for many of the buildings built for Expo 86 and now as a high-priced area for more condos.

As you can imagine, in a city with easy access to so much water, there are a slew of marinas. Here's one on the right.

These colorfully painted silos are actually commercial tanks that hold a variety of basic building materials (like sand). That area in front is a dock where barges or other transport vessels can load up this cargo.

There are a number of houseboats or houses built on docks that ring False Creek. Here are a few. They comprise every design scheme you can imagine.

I have a friend who's really into dragon boat racing and False Creek is a favorite location for practicing. Here's one on the other side of the speedboat.

This huge geodesic dome was built for Expo 86 and is now an IMax theater. It's huge! 

Okay, onto Victoria (which is on Vancouver Island and only reachable by ferry). This is one part of Chinatown and this narrow alley (8' wide!) is known as Fan Tan Alley. It's famous and when we got home we googled it. Turns out that 'fan tan' refers to gambling and that this area was a notorious gambling area in the old days.

I love the name of this umbrella shop in Fan Tan Alley - Umbrellatorium. Made for a great picture too!

Lastly here's the new bridge traversing the inlet over to an area called Esquimalt. The three of us had dinner at a great restaurant there called Spinnakers. Fantastic chowder!

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