Monday, July 18, 2022

Summer Rolls On

 Although our weather here in Oakland is not like Palm Springs - sunny 300+ days a year - we do get our share of sunny days. I try to appreciate each one of them, even as I know how badly we need the rain for our drought-parched state. I water as little as I can while still maintaining the health of my garden. I've covered how to make the maximum use of water in the garden before so won't repeat myself. So, at the risk of offering more of the same, here are more photos of my garden. The stars are still the lilies but there is much else in bloom.

Lily Beijing Moon. I am so thrilled to see this guy bloom this year as I got nothing from it last year.

One more photo of the fabulous Lily Lotus Pure.

My new favorite - Lily Salmon Star. On my previous purchase, the vendor sent the wrong variety so I was so relieved to get the right one this year.

Lily Golden Splendor. Indeed!

Thought this shot of my evergreen Magnolia 'Little Gem' was interesting for the way the sun illuminated the pure white petals.

There are a collection of lilies which exhibit this splash pattern on the petals. This one is Lily Chocolate Event. Odd name, beautiful flower.

Lily Mister Cas. After a so-so year last year, this variety is having its best year blooming yet!

This Fuchsia has found its happy place and is blooming like mad.

Curcuma Bicolor. This ginger relative has THE loveliest flower, sort of a shimmering pink.

My Porcelain Berry vine is loaded with tiny white flowers, a treat for bees that will soon morph into berries of all colors.

Here's a close-up of the Lily Mister Cas. Love that golden-apricot color!

Snapdragon Double Azalea Bronze. Not sure about the bronze part but it's a vigorous snap.

Here are some of my driveway lilies.

A bit of a hazy shot of my Begonia boliviensis but thought I'd include it anyway.

Lily High Tea. A bit like Mr. Cas but a richer golden orange and the flower itself is bigger.

Lily Salmon Party. This isn't quite as advertised (so probably the wrong variety) but it's lovely nonetheless.

Lily Portland. This one doesn't have the spots it's supposed to have but is still a nice reddish-pink.

Mandevilla Apricot. You don't often see this color for sale.

Lily Heartstrings. One of many new lily varieties in my garden this year.

Lily Orienpet mix. Though this mix is supposed to contain 3 or 4 colors, each flower has come out looking like this one.

Aechmea fulgens. One of the most ever blooming bromeliads out there.

One last photo of my Lily Salmon Star. Love the color and love the 'freckles.'

Monday, July 11, 2022

Lilies Parade

 Although this week's post isn't all lily photos, they constitute the majority.  But there are plenty of others, including the intriguing Illicium floridanum.  Okay, here are the photos.

Lily Baeferrari. Huge and generously spotted.

Lily Mister Cas. One of the 'senior citizens' in my garden and one of my faves.

Lily lancifolium. One of the tiger lilies, this one native to China and Japan.

Lily Dizzy. Does kind of make you swoon over their beauty.

Lily Fata Morgana. Love the spots and that it's a semi-double.

Lily Pizzazz. Well named!

Lily Cream Luminaries.

My new fave - Lily Salmon Star. This shot in the shade doesn't show off its fantastic colors.

Lily Golden Splendor.

This mystery lily was somehow included in a lily order. Bonus!

Lily Cream Luminaries + a mystery trumpet lily.

Lily Hotel California. This Asiatic lily has been a profuse bloomer this year.

One of the stars of this lily season is the new Lily Lotus Pure. Fabulous!

Tiger lily Red Flavor. Love the burnished red color.

Tecoma x smithii. It has climbed up a street tree and is now blooming at its crown.

Lily regale. One of the classic species lilies.

Abutilon Tiger Eye.

Cloud of flowers on my Cotinus Royal Purple.

Callirhoe involucrata. Or as they are commonly called - Wine Cups.

Collection of lilies in the front yard.

Bronze fennel flowers. Popular with bees and wasps.

Lily Golden Joy.

Eriogonum grande rubescens flowers. Great nutrition for pollinators + birds love the eventual seeds.

Gomphrena decumbens. Always in bloom.

Here's the aforementioned Illicium floridanum. The flower reminds me of that of a Calycanthus occidentalis.

Flower spike on my Aechmea gamosepala.

My porcelain berry vine is filling up with small white flowers, much favored by bees.

One of my median strip plantings, with the Cotinus and an Anisodontea Strybing Beauty.

Lily Meridon. Love this color.

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